Rama Riana Sitinjak, Dingse Pandiangan


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of  plant growth regulator triacontanol to the growth of cacao seedings (Theobroma cacao L.). A completely randomized design was applied using non-factorial pattern on the treatment triacontanol growing regulator substance to level: 0.0 ml/L, 0.1 ml/L, 0.5 ml/L, 1.0 ml/L and 2.0 ml/L replicated 5 times. The result shows that the given of tria-contanol significantly affected the growth of cacao seedings at the age of 14 weeks. The best tria-contanol concentration was 1.0 ml/L, which was effectively able to increase the growth of cacao seedlings; high seedlings, number of leaves, lenght of leaves, and diameter of stems respectively reached 26.21%; 3.70%; 42.28%; and 10.42% higher than the control. Plant growth regulator triacontanol was efective to increase the growth of cacao seedlings.


Keywords: triacontanol, seedling, Theobroma cacao L.

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