AGRIVITA, Journal of Agricultural Science

AGRIVITA, Journal of Agricultural Science (AJAS), was published by the Faculty of Agricultural University of Brawijaya, Indonesia is dissemination medium for research result from researchers and lecturers. Agrivita was a quarterly journal issued on February, June and October.

Today, Agrivita was one of the best accredited scientific journals in Indonesia. This is supported by accreditation given by Directorate General  Higher Education Department of National Education Republic of Indonesia in SK DIKTI No.65a/DIKTI/Kep./2008 and it has been accredited B. In 2009, Agrivita appointed as supervisors in agriculture and plant science journals.

From the first edition published in 1978 (in Bahasa Indonesia), Agrivita has progressed well. Up to the last edition, 2010, Agrivita has published 32 volumes, 96 editions.  In 2010, Agrivita become an international journal.  Its commitment towards the development in education, especially in the recent research makes Agrivita a prestigious journal among scientific agricultural journals in Indonesia.

The editor receives manuscripts that have not been offered for publication elsewhere and analyses on agricultural published within the country and abroad.

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