Journal History


AGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science is an Agricultural Journal first published on February 1978. AGRIVITA name was changed four times as follows:

  1. AGRIVITA Berita Ilimiah Fakultas Pertanian Univeritas Brawijaya (1978)
  2. AGRIVITA Jurnal Tentang Ilmu – Ilmu Pertanian (1996)
  3. AGRIVITA Jurnal Tentang Ilmu Pertanian (2005)
  4. AGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science ( since October 2010 edition)

Since 2008 AGRIVITA has been collaborated with Indonesian Agronomy Association (PERAGI).  In October 2010, the official name of the journal was changed to AGRIVITA Journal of Agricultural Science, fully published in English and could be accessed in website or online accessibility.  Since 2013 officially AGRIVITA has been indexed by Elsevier Scopus and now AGRIVITA was ranked by Scimago Journal Ranks (SJR), is ascribed an impact factor of approximately 0.12.

For increasing accessibility and protection from plagiarism, AGRIVITA has registered all the publications to CrossRef to get Digital Object Identifier (DOI). For citation purpose of 2012-2015 edition, readers have to use DOI that stated in the document (not in website page).

Starting from February 2018 edition, AGRIVITA has added more articles and has new layout style:

  1. Adding more articles from 13-14 to 20 is to increase AGRIVITA's citation. It is also to reduce the waiting time of accepted manuscripts to be published in our database.
  2. AGRIVITA would like to follow international journal trend as well, so AGRIVITA has new layout style in published manuscripts and cover.